“opportunists seek for a chance. entrepreneurs make new chances” toba beta

Kids Conquering Castles involves students aged from 6 to 12 years old, from 6 primary schools from: Germany, Italy, Catalonia, Wales, Austria and Greece.

The project focuses on cooperation among the partnership schools in an effort to enhance the effectiveness of their educational actions.

Kids Conquering Castles responds to the promotion of entrepreneurial education in Primary school, opening pupils’ minds, giving them the chance to take initiatives , to be creative, to give their opinions and to take decisions.

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short description

1. LANGUAGE: English


2. PUPILS: 6-12


SUBJECTS. History, Geography, Maths, Science, History of culture, Language and literature, Citizenship, Music, Art

tools to be used

Twinspace, Audio and video conference, Virtual learning Environment, Forum, Chat, Other software, web publishing, email.


Kids Conquering Castles cooperative goal is to open castles to children through initiatives proposed and promoted by children.

  • To set up factual inclusion and appreciation: involving pupils with fewer social opportunities in entrepreneurial activities will give them new stimulation, helping them to acquire self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem through non-formal learning and the appreciation of individual abilities and talents.
  • To establish ownership of learning: all the partnership pupils will be increasingly driven by curiosity and self-motivation. This attitude will greatly help disadvantaged learners, and will offer the quick-learning pupils challenges for improving their competences. This will have a positive effect on their level of connectedness to school.
  • To create an Ethical cooperation experience: KCC will guide children in setting up their own cooperative aimed at promoting local castles through child-oriented activities.
  • To increase pupils’ achievement in basic skills and in transversal key competences
  • To develop the multiple intelligences in an innovative and creative way
  • To work with new technologies, learn how to learn throughout the digital tools
  • To improve the English level as English will be the main communication language used in the Project
  • To promote problem-based learning in educational situations

work process

All the planned tasks will be developed and shared with all the participant countries.

We, teachers and students, will keep in touch via mail,Twinspace (using chats, forums, live events)

A variety of web 2.0 tools will be used to develop the planned tasks

  • Knowing each-other (October-November 2016): discover the project, present countries and schools, map.
  • KCC’ cooperative (from January 2017): set up the cooperative (January- April) Name, Logo, statutes, main goals, elections campaign to elect the officers. Prepare activities to be done during the camp in May
  • Telling the castle (LTTA Camp in Catalonia, Spain, May’ 17)
  • KCC Cooperative activities (Oct 2017-May 2018)
  • “The Market in the Castle” LTTA Camp in Italy (May 2018)
  • KCC Cooperative activities (Oct 2018-May 2019).
  • “Ethical Investment and castle promotion” LTTA Camp in Germany (May 2019)

expected results

· Along the project life, the best entrepreneurial practices in Kids Conquering Castles implementation will be collected, and a final Best Practice Portfolio will be shared in Italy (Aug/Sept 2019) as a contribution to E. teaching/learning

· Kids Conquering Castles Cooperative will involve the partnership pupils in E. planning, working, producing and promoting child-friendly products to endorse their Castles, and in making decisions about how to use the profit

· Improved skills by participating students on entrepreneurial planning and working (projecting and designing, marketing research, data handling, production, advertising, profit managing), on manual work, on strategic ICT use

· Schools video presentations, the creation of a cooperative with all documents, name, logo, statutes, a mascot, an e-book about legends, creation of products to be sold in the market, songs and dances, games, postcard souvenirs of the castles, digital multilingual dictionary of Castle vocabulary will be the most important results after 3 year cooperative and collaborative work