About 60 students from Italy, Greece, Wales, Catalonia, Germany and  Austria enjoyed a week of cultural exchange , friendship and unforgetable moments.

The experience allowed to set up the main goals of the entrepreneurial project:

  • Set up a cooperative in Navàs ( school year 201617), organize a medieval market in Gemona, Italy ( school year 2017-18) and give the benefits to an NGO WWF – world Wild Foundation- in Berlin, Germany during this school year.
  • Promote the cultural heritage of the castles from each of the participant countries throughout the artistic design of six postcards of the six castles working in a cooperative and transnational way.
  • Foster the communicative skills of English as a vehicular language, team work, artistic creativity, solidarity and the European mindset.

Some of our pupils' opinions:

  • “ The school gave us an opportunity to become more valuable people and connect with other partners from other countries. It’s a great experience I enjoyed a lot. Thank you for this incredible opportunity!” Gal·la, Cat
  • “ An unforgettable experience! Friends, English and much more”. Roger, Cat
  • “ This week has been full of adventures, activities and much more. I’ve learned a lot of English and I enjoyed a lot. I made lots of new friends. Thank you Fina for all the things you do for us, we are very proud of that” Carla G, Cat