Greeks had one more chance to prove their entrepreneurial skills.

During the dissemination feast they organized an exhibition of things we created, we bought and we recieved from our partners all these years and of course they organized a market with pieces of souvenirs to sell as well as the postcards of the our Castles which were created with different art techniques by all the KCC teams.

After all this awasome work, they surely deserve a certificate and a KCC hat as a gift!!

In Greece, we started making the KCC project famous by preparing the first school bulletin adding cards with castles and flags that our partners from Germany, Italy, Wales, Catalonia and Austria sent to us.

The school bulletin was enriched occasionally during the school year with the produced material.

Kids Conquering Castles, our precious Erasmus+ project was presented in European level by the Greek responsible, during a Teachmeet event organised by the European Schoolnet Academy for the purpose of the "Boosting a Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship in Your Students" MOOC.

The first attempt to make our project well known in Greece was in March 2017, when the Kids Conquering Castles, Erasmus+ project was presented in Komotini, Greece, during an event organised to celebrated the 30 years from Erasmus to Erasmus+.



To disseminate our project to the school community as well as to the people who visit our school's website, we created a page in the Erasmus+ projects (click on the photo)


where the visitor can take a tour either on the official KCC website (click on the photo)



and to the Greek KCC club's blog (click on the photo)


At the end of the school year, June 207, we organised several events to present all the work that was done during the 1st year of the project implementation

Firstly we invited parents and teachers, as well as pupils to watch all the activites we have done during the first year of the project's implementation. Pupils got a little present for the work they have done: a hat and a bag with the KCC logo to start their summer holidays!!



Then, we presented the unique experience the KCC team lived during the LTTA Camp in Navas in May 2017.

Even the mayor joined the event and watched carefully Andrianna's, Polytimi's, Theologis's and Manto's presentation!!!