KKC partners from Navàs , started the race to the Election Campaign, but first of all they prefered to know their best habilities. After playing a cooperative game called " Tell me how can you see me" . kids received the photos of some of their partners and wrote below some positive adjectives about that person. Finally each kid got all the words his/her classmates wrote about him.

Then, they created a wordcloud using "Tagul" webtool. Here are the results:


In Greece, KCC pupils' team worked on the characteristics that a successfull entrepreneur has. They prepared a mind map working collaboratively.

Afterwords, they worked in the computer lab to prepare word clouds using the wordle web2.0 tool and describe themselves and their abilities according to these characteristics.


Do you want to know about the results of election campaign in Greece? Follow the video to see how pupils worked preparing their posters, saying a few words about them selves, voting and electng their representatives!!!


Congratulations Elena, Christos and Dimitra!!!!

Catalonia has already celebrated the KCC Election Campaign. Many creative designs and ideas showed the talent of our cooperative members, all of them ready to work hard as a big team , to be responsible and to cooperate each other.

Finally, their votes decided that JOAN will be the PRESIDENT, GUILLEM the TREASURER and NAIA the SECREATRY.



A crowded event took place in the school the Election Day. Teachers and students from the whole school meet togehter to congratulate the elected members of the cooperative.



"Elections were wrapped up in Wales today too! Cemal is our Treasurer, Nia our Secretary and Corey our President, but they are all part of a strong team!"

The president, the secretary and the treasurer from Austria