Election campaign 2018-19


    KCC elections 2018-19

    In Greece pupils started the election campaign preparing posters and interviews to demonstrate their abilities and the reasons they wanted their partners' votes.

    When the big day of the ellections came all of as were very excited!! First we watched the interviews and the posters the candidats prepared for this purpose.



    Then, students voted for the most representative ones to be the Greek KCC president, secretary and treasurer!

    Who are the new Greek president, secretary and treasurer??

    Enjoy Panagiotis, Konstantinos and Sophia in their first memory photo!


    In Germany after the elections, it was announced the new

    President: Aylin-Naz Gürbüz

    Secretary: Mehmet Özbek


    Treasurer: Sefa Kilic

    Elections' results in Wales

    Hi my name is Alex, I am the president of the Welsh KCC (ERASMUS) group, it is a pleasure to meet you.

    Hello my name is Jenna and I am club secretary, unfortunately I will not be coming to Berlin but I still want to be involved in everything about ERASMUS. I want to be able to meet people from different countries. :)

    Hi my name is Rhys, I am the Twinspace Guru and I am not coming to Berlin aswell. I would still like to be in contact with you. 

    Elections' results in Austria

    Here are the results of our election:

    President: Ralph Reisinger

    Secretary: Naomi Ioja

    Treasurer: Loran Seji


    Students prepared an amazing Election Campaign, with videos, games, posters, PPt presentations... evrything ready to present their candidatures to the rest of the class.

    After a week of thinking who would be the best president, treasurer and secreatry for the cooperative this year, they had the chance to vote and give their opinions. and the final results were...



    Your parnters trusted you, now you will have a very important responsibility for the rest of the school year. We are sure you will do your best and your will rock!!!!!!