Partners from Germany, Wales, Italy, Catalonia, Austria and Greece let's 
Conquer ourCastles by completing some assessments!!

After the first meeting in Wales and the goals decided during the teachers' meeting, pupils in 6 countries started to work on several tasks.

First of all they had to do some activities to know each other.

So, here is the questionnaire that teachers had to answer after working on "Getting to know each other"  tasks:



...and what did teachers answered about these tasks? Let's see the responses in the "wall".


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Pupils had also to draw a representative logo for the project. All drawings were uploaded in a padlet and voted by the coordinators in a chain.

Teachers, afterwords, had to answer a questionnaire, evaluating the task: Logo competition

Here is the questionnaire made using Google forms


Teachers answered a lot of interestings things about Logo Competition taking into account the impact in pupils the task had.


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Next task was about "Setting up the KCC cooperative"

Students and teachers get to know the cooperative values, opportunities, structure. Cooperative are set up (membership, ID, campaign, voting) in each partner school. Children are aware of the coop main goal: "open castle to children through initiatives proposed and promoted by children”.

One more survey made to find out how teachers evaluate the task.


A "wall" full of answers to the previous questionnaire made to host what teachers asnwered about this task.


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