Cardiff Castle is one of Wales’ leading heritage attractions and a site of international significance. Located at the heart of the capital, within beautiful parklands, the Castle’s walls and fairytale towers conceal 2,000 years of history.
Around A.D. 75, when the Romans controlled the whole of Wales, they rebuilt a fort at Cardiff on a smaller scale and the workshops of craftsmen who gathered around any Roman base rose outside the new perimeter walls. When the Romans were defeated, the fort became unusable.
After the invasion by William the Conqueror, realising the strategic value of the site of the old Roman fort a new castle was raised within its remains by the Normans in 1091. From here, it was passed down through various families including the de Clares, the Beauchamps, the Tudors and the Windsors.
In its current state, the castle is used to host many events, exhibitions and showcase the rich history Wales has to offer.