The KCC team is ready to start creating beautiful postcards about our castles.

We will do it in different steps:

Step 1:

Each country will draw its castle in a A4 drawing paper in black and white

Pupils, teachers or parents will select the best drawing.

Step 2:

We will upload the 6 drawings of the 6 castles on this page.

Step 3:

Using a chain, each country will be in charge of painting a partner castle using a concrete art techinque.

Here is the chain and the art techniques which will be use:

Wales ( Pop-Art )  - Catalonia ( Mosaic) - Greece ( cubism) - Italy ( Aquarella) - Austria ( Collage ) - Germany ( Pointillism)



















Here is the winner Didymoteicho Castle from GREECE!


Balsareny castles has already a winner!






Austria: Belvedere Castle

Our partners from Catalonia have already drawn Balsareny castle.

We were lucky to have the visit of an expert who told us what are the main clues to make a good drawing!

did you know that to draw distances we can use thick lines for close and thin lines for further distances?

We like learning together!

and do you know how we will know which drawing is the favourite one??

Our partners from grades 3, 4 and 5 will stick a "like" below their favourite one!

which one will be the winner? soon.. we will know the clue!


Didymoteicho Castle in black and white!

Students in Greece used their imagination to draw our Castle!

and now everything is ready for voting. Google form for teachers and parents, and a "Castle wall" inside the school for students. Let's wait and see who will be the winner!

The students from Wales are praticing their pop art skills on photocopied castles which they have drawn. They will choose a final design through voting to send to Catalonia very soon!


Austria collages in progress...



Students in Greece started drawing Italy's Castle with the cubism technique. For this reason they attended a workshop with an expert, a well known artist from Alexandroupoli.

Mrs Maria Sidiropoulou explained to them how and when this art technique started, its evolution and its main characteristics.

Voting in Greece for the best cubism drawing for the Gemona's Castle....

Teachers already voted....

Let's wait and see students' results....

Later today we will have the winner!!