Election campaign 2016-17


ICGemona: habemus C.d.A.!

As a result of the campaign and elections held in the three primary schools of Gemona's Institute (4th and 5th graders only), finally we have our local C.d.A.

Yesterday they had their first meeting and voted the local President, Secretary and Accountant. They also discussed how to support the project actions in their classes and schools: the dance rehearsals, the Logo creation, the Telling the Castle activities.  They are very involved and well conscious that they represent all their school mates, the KCC cooperative associates. Congratulations and good luck for their work!


Just amazing! Today, Friday 31st March, pupils from Navàs presented their candidatures to their partners. Wonderful posters, ppt or Prezi presentations and even leaflets and games to encourage the audience to vote the best president and the best secretary for our KCC cooperative!



We feel proud of our kids day after day. It is incredible how creative they are and the original initiative they have when they can think and work with enthusiasm and motivation. When they presented the candidatures, they used all kind of activities, such as games, videos, ... they made the audience interactuate with them. We enjoyed and learnt a lot as teachers too!

... One week later, it was time to vote. All members of KCC in Grade 6 voted the person who would represent them as President and Secretary in our KCC European cooperative. The poll was helt with enthusiasm, excitement and joy.

Congratulations to all candidates, for they excellent work and involvement, and


INGRID, the President

and MARTA E. , the Secretary 

Good luck Ingrid and Marta, everybody will trust you and we are sure you will do your best in any of the actions and tasks you will have to run during our project. 

Election campaign started also in Greece!! Pupils were very enthousiastic trying to promote them selves. Posters and short interviews prepared to convince the audience to vote for the best representatives!!!